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School & Sports Physicals

Affordable School & Sports Physicals in Orlando FL

It’s that time of year again – sports season! Whether you’re gearing up for football, basketball, soccer, or any other school sport, it’s important to make sure you have your physical taken care of before hitting the field.

At Prestige Urgent Care in Orlando, FL, we are ready to assist with walk-in sports physicals, taking care of your health needs so you can concentrate on gearing up for the big game, free from injuries. We’re here to help you kick off your sports season safely and confidently.

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Why Choose Prestige Urgent Care for Your School, Sports or Camp Physical

Get the school physical you need quickly and conveniently with Prestige Urgent Care. We offer school and athletic physical exams for students of all ages in the Orlando area.

Our team is experienced in performing physicals so that you can get your child ready to participate in their program or sport of choice. The exam includes a complete medical history, a thorough physical examination, and any necessary lab tests required by the school.

At Prestige Urgent Care, we understand that your time is valuable and provide flexible scheduling options for an easy experience.

With our convenient locations and extended hours, you can ensure that your child will have everything they need to take part in their athletic activities safely.

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Common Sports Physical Questions

Navigating school and sports physicals can be confusing, so let Prestige Urgent Care answer any of your questions with our experienced medical providers. As students/athletes prepare for the upcoming school year, there are a few common questions that come up about physicals.


Why should I get a sports physical?

We all want to stay safe and healthy when we participate in sports. A sports physical is an important step in making sure that happens. It’s a form of medical examination that can help ensure our children are prepared for physical activity.

Furthermore, all students in Orange County are required to receive a physical before participating in sports.

How much does a school/sports physical cost?

The price of a school/sports physical at our facility is $30. However, if your physical requires an EKG, which is mandatory for high school sports in Orange County, the cost will be $75. This ensures that we provide comprehensive care to ensure you’re in optimal health for your sports activities.

Do I still have to get a regular school physical if I get a sports physical?

Yes, even if you get a sports physical, you are still required to get a regular school physical. This is because they involve separate forms and questionnaires, each designed to assess different aspects of your health and wellness relevant to either your general school participation or specific sports activities.

Is there anything I should bring to a sports physical?

When attending a physical, please bring a list of your pertinent health history, including any past or current medical conditions, medication, surgeries, or significant illnesses. Additionally, if you wear glasses or contacts, you should bring those along to ensure a comprehensive evaluation of your vision during the physical.

What usually happens in a sports physical?

During a sports physical, your physician first conducts a thorough review of your health history, including any past or current medical conditions. They then screen for potential risk factors that might affect your ability to participate safely in sports. This is followed by a comprehensive head-to-toe assessment and physical exam, which allows them to evaluate your general health and physical capabilities in relation to your chosen sports activity.

Do you recommend an appointment for physicals?

While appointments for physicals are recommended to ensure timely service, they are not strictly necessary at our center. We understand that our patients may have varying schedules and needs, so we also offer walk-in sports physicals to accommodate everyone.

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Be Ready for Back to School and Sport Season – Get a Physical From Prestige Urgent Care Today

With Prestige Urgent Care, you can get a comprehensive physical at an easy and affordable price. Our experienced medical professionals make sure your school/sports physical is done quickly and accurately, so you can be ready for the school year ahead. Plus, with our extended hours and walk-ins available, it’s never been easier to get the care you need.

So don’t wait – come see us today to get your physicals taken care of before school starts!

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