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COVID 19 Testing Site

COVID-19 Testing in Lee Vista Orlando FL

At Prestige Urgent Care, we understand firsthand the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s why we work extra hard in combating the virus by serving as a premier COVID-19 test site. We offer the most accurate and trusted methods to help you determine if you have the coronavirus or not.

Our team is ready to test anyone who needs to know if they’ve been infected, whether they need a negative result for an important trip or event or are exhibiting symptoms of COVID infection. No appointments necessary! Contact us today and let us know how we can help.

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Quick and Convenient Tests Available

Here are the coronavirus tests we offer at Prestige Urgent Care:

  • Rapid COVID-19 Tests: The Rapid Antigen Test involves mixing samples from a patient with a solution that shows specific viral proteins. With this method, patients can get results in as quick as three to four hours.
  • PCR/Antibody Blood Tests: PCR is the swab method where samples are taken from the base of the nose and throat. Antibody blood tests involve drawing blood and are used to determine if you’ve had COVID-19 in the past. For these tests, the results will arrive within three to four days.
  • Same-Day PCR: Same-day PCR tests work like regular PCR tests, but you can get results within 24 hours.
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The Prestige Urgent Care Advantage

Friendly and Welcoming Professionals

We understand how stressful it is to wait for a test result, so we go the extra mile to make your visit a comfortable and pleasant experience.

Affordable Services

Having been in the industry for a long time, our team knows that not everyone is financially equipped for urgent care services. So aside from offering lower rates, we work with patients to help them process their insurance.

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What to Do If You Tested Positive

If the results turn positive, please remember the following tips.

Go into quarantine and isolation and start checking your body for symptoms (if you don’t already have them). If you’re asymptomatic, we recommend that you still quarantine.

Alert your close contacts so they can get tested as well.

Message your family physician or any related healthcare professional so they can help you manage symptoms or provide teleconsulting.

Monitor your symptoms regularly. If you experience problems like severe coughing, difficulty breathing, or chest pain, seek emergency care.

Get vaccinated after you’ve recovered if you haven’t already. This is your best protection from extreme infections that could end up in hospitalization. Please note that we don’t offer COVID-19 vaccinations.

Contact Us for More Details

You don’t have to make an appointment for a coronavirus test. But if you want to learn more about our available tests and other urgent care services, contact us today.

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