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Pediatrics and Family Medicine

Trusted Pediatrics and Family Medicine in Lee Vista Orlando FL

There’s no telling when accidents might happen, especially when children are involved. Children are also susceptible to many illnesses and conditions, including unexpected allergies, pink eye, and more.

Regardless of the reason, such circumstances are always a source of stress and worry for parents — especially when they’re unable to provide the care their children need. Long lines and difficulty finding open appointment times only increase the burden that parents have to bear.

At Prestige Urgent Care, we relieve parents of such headaches by never requiring an appointment, and prompt, first-rate pediatric care. Call us to answer any questions or simply drop by our facility to get the care your child needs.

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Pediatric Medicine

Friendly Pediatric Medicine From Crib to Cap ‘n Gown

Prestige Urgent Care can address a wide variety of health conditions that your child may have. From routine checkups and preventive treatments to emergency care, our friendly and capable medical staff will ensure your child’s health and wellness.

Our facility provides prompt, compassionate, and expert care to teenagers and young adults as well. We offer not just pediatric services, but a full spectrum of family medicine services.

Our professional staff understands the different needs of children, adolescents, and adults — our clinic can treat every member of the family. Whether your child has contracted pink eye from school, or your elderly parents have fallen and hurt themselves; there’s no reason to hesitate when deciding where to go. We’ll care for your entire family professionally and promptly.

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The Family Health Center That You Can Trust

Prestige Urgent Care has been a reliable pediatrics and family medicine care provider for families in Lee Vista, Orlando, and the surrounding communities for many years. Formerly serving residents as Paramount Urgent Care, our care center continues to provide high-quality medical treatment for children and parents in the area.

At Prestige Urgent Care, children and their families receive personalized care in an easy, convenient, and timely manner.

Visit our clinic or schedule your appointment by calling us today.

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The Go-to Pediatrics Care Provider for All of Your Health Concerns

Prestige Urgent Care is well-equipped to handle your kids’ medical health emergencies, as well as common, non-urgent pediatric conditions. We treat conditions such as:

Allergies, asthma, bronchitis and other respiratory conditions

Food Poisoning, acid reflux and other stomach and digestive conditions

Elevated blood pressure and inflammatory disorders

Shingles, poison ivy, rashes, eczema, and other skin conditions

Cold & flu and other viruses

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Prestige Urgent Care Is Your Friendly Family Medical Center

Prestige Urgent Care makes it our mission to ensure that your entire family receives timely, affordable, and excellent care at all times.

Our expert staff treats the common cold and flu, injuries, allergic reactions, and everything in between. Aside from medical care, we also offer convenient and cost-efficient pharmacy services as well as medication refills.

There’s no need to worry about finding prompt pediatric and family medicine services, whether you need a doctor for your child or yourself. Visit our facility as a walk-in patient or book your visit today.

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