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Corporate Medicine

Trusted Corporate Medicine in Lee Vista – Orlando FL

Employees in Orlando, Florida must ensure that they are disease-free and in good health to better serve their respective workplaces. To achieve better health and the protection of the workplace, employees also need quick access to quality health services. We help employees achieve the best possible health status at work through our corporate medicine service.

Our corporate medicine service encompasses a broad range of services. From on-site diagnostics and care to pre-employment physicals and drug testing, we have you covered to help you contribute to your company.

Look no further if you need on-site medical and testing services that keep you productive and well in Florida. Reach out now for more information about our corporate medicine service in Lee Vista Orlando.

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What Makes Our Corporate Medicine Service Different

Care Delivered by Medical Experts

You can benefit from the care delivered straight to you by experienced physicians and clinicians. With experts manning our corporate medicine services, your health is in safe and capable hands.

Quality and Affordability in One Comprehensive Service

We recognize that not all employees can pay out-of-pocket for health services and tests. For this reason, we have set competitive prices for our corporate medicine services and help clients with insurance claims.

Streamlined Testing Procedures

Using eScreen, we eliminate all the inefficiencies that occur with regular drug testing.

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Bringing Health Care to You With On-site Medical Care

Our corporate medicine service also includes on-site urgent care. Our on-site urgent care services render preventive and emergency care aimed at keeping you healthy and well while at work.

Our emergency on-site care treats various conditions that you could encounter while you’re performing your duties at work. Below are some of the services our on-site corporate medicine offers:

Wellness management and company physicals

Pre-employment drug screenings

Drug and alcohol testing

Workers’ compensation

Smoking cessation counseling

Corporate Medicine That Protects You in Orlando

You contribute much as an employee, so you deserve easy and affordable access to health services that can keep you feeling good and productive in Orlando.

Reach out now for corporate medicine that puts your health and wellness first!

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