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Our clinic has proudly served the Lee Vista-Orlando, Florida community since May 2019. For over three years, we have helped thousands of residents receive high-quality, affordable, and timely care as a franchised location of Paramount Urgent Care.

Our journey as an urgent care clinic has not been easy — especially with the COVID-19 pandemic hitting not even a year into our operations. But, with the help of our talented and hardworking staff, we were able to rise above the challenge. Since then, we have continued to help patients get the much-needed care and treatment they deserve when they need it.

The urgent care clinic has grown, gaining regular visitors and welcoming new faces daily. At the same time, we continued to improve our services and offer better patient experiences.

A New Start for the Urgent Care Clinic

Starting this November 2022, we will be transitioning from a franchised location into a stand-alone urgent care clinic. This transition brings a visible change — leaving our old identity as Paramount Urgent Care and henceforth serving our community as Prestige Urgent Care.

Although we continue to be proud of the time we served the community as Paramount, we wanted to mark our evolution with a more fitting name for what we want to achieve and continue to do. As our new name suggests, we will work hard to uphold the prestige we have built with premium-level, affordable, effective, and timely medical services.

New Name, Same Quality of Services

Even though our name may have changed, we’re still the same urgent care clinic you have grown to depend on. We are still what made us successful as a franchise of Paramount Urgent Care — from our reliable staff to a wide range of services remains the same.

As Prestige Urgent Care, we will continue to provide full-service on-site urgent care, screenings, and more. We will also continue to offer payment methods and accept various insurance policies. But, more importantly, we will ensure our patients experience no changes in the quality of medical care they receive.

We thank the residents of the Lee Vista-Orlando communities for their trust in us. Our patients and their support are why we can start our new journey as Prestige Urgent Care.

If you have questions about our transition or medical records, please call us at (407) 810-8777. You may also visit our clinic at your convenience.